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Claudia Vidanes

Norco Running Gun Reminders & New Information

*NEW NRG SHOOTERS* Mandatory safety briefing starts at 0820 New entrants must attend, please arrive by 0800.

Starting Sunday, August 13 Squads must have 6 people or more. This is for efficiency.

Please be courteous & always patch/tape your targets and reset for the next squad. Even if it’s your last stage.

Each squad member must finish resetting the stage before moving on. Only put the squad sheet on the clipboard when your scoring tablet & entire squad has arrived on the next stages.

Norco Running gun offers a Shooting event which is a match. Bays are only used for the match, NOT range time for practice or function fire. Always contact the Match Director with any questions.



NRG IS BACK! First match date: Sunday, June 18 @ Prado (17501 Pomona Rincon Rd, Chino, CA 91708)

NRG will be holding a match every Saturday EXCEPT 3rd weekends will be on Sundays due to another club’s schedule.

Practiscore registration will open Saturday, June 10 7AM (https://practiscore.com/clubs/norco-running-gun-5)

Everyone must sign the Prado waiver, regardless if already done so. This is posted on the website under “Site Navigation”. Feel free to complete & print before match date to speed up registration.

Please see for more info or email [email protected]

Parking information:

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NRG will be relocating to Prado.

The bays are 70% finished. Here’s a sneak preview!

We will announce an official match date soon. Thank you to everyone for being patient.

As many of you already are aware, we experienced a tragic loss of our friend and fellow shooter yesterday. We are doing everything we can at this point to cooperate with authorities as they try to contact his family. Because they have not yet been able to be notified nor have the authorities finished their investigation, it would be inappropriate for us to discuss this publicly

Once we know more and any necessary contacts and arrangements have been made, we will let you know.

Thank you for your understanding and support.